Give your business Momentum.

Momentum Accounting is a new breed of outsourced accounting firm.

We’ve combined the best of cloud-based technology with real-time benchmark reporting and expert guidance to create custom paperless solutions that free up your time, save you money, and provide valuable insights that can power your growth. 

We are numbers-driven, tech-savvy and we see accounting solutions as an opportunity to transform accounting into an engine for growth and a source of competitive advantage. 

Run your business at full throttle and leave the books to us.

Accounting has always been high on the list of business functions to outsource. The key benefits of your Momentum solution:

  1. Improved focus on your core business.
    With Momentum on your side, you don’t waste time dealing with accounting issues – invoicing and collections, managing payroll, reconciling expense reports and bank statements, etc.
  2. Access to expertise.
    Momentum specializes in accounting and has the experience and expertise you need. That includes putting together a fully integrated tech-stack that streamlines and automates your accounting workflows. 
  3. Greater insight into financial performance.
    From our initial Momentum Accounting Health Check to setting up your benchmarks KPIs (key performance indicators), you will have the data you need to make better decisions on a daily basis.
  1. Cost reductions.
    Your accounting department comes off the payroll (including benefits, health insurance, etc.).  
  2. Scalable growth.
    Transform your accounting function from a an administrative task that always falls to the back burner to a proactive cash flow and cash management tool
  3. Eliminate the risk of fraud
    When businesses are stolen from, 99% of the time it’s by an internal employee acting alone with no oversight. Outsourcing accounting is one of the easiest ways to prevent fraud. 

We’ll create a single source of truth for all of your accounting functions.

One of the biggest challenges for business owners is that there are so many disparate systems being used – one for bookkeeping, one for invoicing, one for collecting payment, one for bill paying, one for tracking employee time, and another for payroll expenses. When questions come up, someone has to dig for the answers…and that’s not the best use of anyone’s time. We fix that.


An integrated system of accounting software and workflows.

Momentum is expert at building custom accounting tech stacks tailored to your business. We start with core accounting software — QuickBooks Online (QBO) or Xero (a Momentum favorite). This is the hub of your Momentum Solution. 

Then we go through all of the accounting functions and workflows and specify the best software tools for each. The Momentum magic happens when we put it all together – using the open API for QBO or Xero.

Keeping the Momentum going with Strategic Advisory Insights

We monitor the data daily, perform weekly bank reconciliations, and at the end of each month, provide a three-page report that includes a financial summary, profitability, and cash flow. We also provide recommendations based on what we learn month over month. It’s CFO level guidance without a CFO salary.


We help businesses flip the script on cash flow.

Most businesses push invoices out and wait to get paid. In fact, depending on the size of the agency and the clients they deal with, the average wait to get paid ranges from more than a month to up to 52 days!

That creates an enormous strain on your cash flow.

Here are a few signs that your company has cash flow issues due to ineffective invoicing and collection processes:

  1. You sometimes have to contribute money to the company or draw on a line of credit because you don’t have enough to cover payroll, even though your business is profitable on an annual basis. This should be a serious wake up call.
  2. The company’s Profit and Loss statement is “lumpy”; meaning the net profit takes big swings each month and it’s always a surprise. No one likes surprises, especially financial ones.
  3. When you look at your P&L, all your revenue is consolidated into one line item, so you have no insight into which clients and services are most profitable. Because of this, it’s hard to know how the company is performing and it’s difficult to compare the agency’s metrics against industry benchmarks. 
  1. When it comes to knowing who owes the company money, there is no one source of truth. For example, you may be using one system for invoicing and collecting payments, and a different system for entering your bank data and reporting. Your AR aging may not match in each system and that can lead to lost revenue. Even worse, you sometimes follow up with clients, only to find out they’ve already paid.
  2. You are the owner, and you are doing all of the invoicing and collections. You are so busy that you frequently send out invoices late or forget to follow up with past-due accounts. You would like to delegate invoicing but aren’t sure how or who to delegate it to. 


One of the biggest complaints we hear from owners is that they HATE dealing with invoicing and chasing past-due customers. It’s a time sponge and nuisance. 

If it is poorly managed, you can end up with thousands or even millions of dollars tied up in accounts receivables. And this cash is for work that has already been done, which means your employees and contractors have already been paid.

We show clients how to get paid first and fast.

With today’s cloud-based tools for accounting, invoicing, and payment processing, you can automate the invoicing and collections process and virtually eliminate issues with receivables. 

The result is a more predictable and steady cash flow along with substantial operational cost savings. Also, you no longer have to waste your valuable time on administrative tasks, so you can focus on activities that grow your business and strengthen client relationships.

Support and Training

While you will be working with one consistent point of contact, you have a team of experts in each area that your business needs. Regular zoom meetings and open communication create the balance that will leave you feeling confident, happy, and supported. If you are ever stuck or stalled, we’ll get you back up to speed as quickly as possible. Need to train a new hire on a specific workflow? Having a sync issue with one of the apps? We’re on it, pronto.


Year-end taxes don’t have to be painful. 

Tax time is a burden that can weigh you down and drain your energy and passion towards your business. Not anymore.


Our team personalizes your reports and prepares documents for you to hand over to your tax accountant, making your filing experience as smooth and easy as possible. We also work with you in handling state and local registrations and filings, and we handle your 1099 filings. At Momentum, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and understanding of finances and tax implications and obligations. You can count on us to keep your numbers accurate and your business compliant.


The first step…a Momentum Accounting Health Check.

Do you have issues with invoicing and receivables? Is it easy to find out who has paid and who hasn’t? What is your monthly burn rate? Are your gross margins within industry standards? Do you even know?


We think it’s vital to have a handle on your financial well-being. So before we start building any solutions, we like to take the temperature and check the pulse on your financial performance. 


This initial assessment goes a long way to understanding what it will take to get your business in peak condition. Schedule an Accounting Health Check here 

A people-first approach driven by new technology

We are bridging the gap between outdated services and legacy technologies with innovative next generation solutions, and we’re making accounting simpler, more effective, and we have fun doing it!

Here’s how we give you Momentum:

  1. Connect and trust › Get to know the great people you’ll be working with everyday
  2. Build a foundation › We listen, and get clear on your goals and business objectives
  3. Personalized solutions › Together we determine the best approach, including a custom tech stack to maximize efficiency and streamline processes—freeing up time and saving you money
  4. We find the story › Our experts get to work crunching the numbers, turning data into meaningful information, giving you actionable insights at your fingertips
  5. Illuminate the path forward › Our deep analytics, full transparency and ongoing expert financial guidance help you make more informed business decisions 


Get your business in high gear with Momentum.

Our people-first approach and dedication to our clients, staying on top of trends and always looking out for their best interest. The combination of our savvy team, custom technology stacks, and powerful analytics turn data into actionable insights that guide real growth.


Our team of passionate professionals is fully comitted to your success
Operating with honesty and integrity, we stand firmly behind our work and our people. We’re ready to roll up our sleeves, so you can spend less time on your finances and more time making your business happen.
Technology Implementation

Technology Implementation

Modern integrated accounting solutions. Whether you are considering a complete accounting overhaul or a few small updates, we are here to make it a seamless and stress-free process.

Strategic Advisory & Insights

Your data tells a story. We find that story. The combination of our savvy team, custom technology stacks, and elevated accounting turns data into actionable insights that guide real growth.
Strategic Advisory & Insights
Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting

Your business is anywhere you are. We use collaborative cloud-based tools that provide you instant access to the information you want whether you’re on a call or on the green.

Tax Documentation Support

Turnaround before you can turn around. Not only do we prepare all the documentation your tax accountant needs to file on time, we respond quickly and thoughtfully to all of their requests for supporting information. You’ll never be in the weeds with your tax accountant again.
Tax Documentation Support
People Advisory

People Advisory

Focus on the relationships. Let us focus on the rest. We offer tools and recommendations that streamline your employer responsibilities.

Smart Support

Real people. Real support. Based across 6 states and growing, Momentum is here for you.
Smart Support

Momentum begins here.

Who we help.

We partner with like-minded, collaborative, seasoned business owners who care about their numbers.

If you need more (beyond just bookkeeping), then it’s a no brainer, they are awesome and they will be there as you grow.”

– Michael Ross, CEO of Lattice Wealth Management

*Services being offered do not require a state license

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