We deliver more than numbers.

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You need more mental health days and less time spent worrying if your business is prospering. We promise open communication, easy transitions, and a consistent flow of forward progress. Whether your goal is to grow your business or find balance, Momentum will help you find your smile again.

See what our clients have to say about us:

“I tended to be scared to hire someone, always worried it wasn’t the right time financially. The insights Momentum continually lays out lets me confidently choose what’s right for BroadVision in the moment.”

“Momentum provides a granular look at our numbers, allowing us to make more intelligent decisions.”

“It is just wonderful to have that safety net of expertise when it comes to our books.”

Jon Sooy, CEO / Co-Owner of BroadVision Marketing

“If you need more (beyond just bookkeeping), then it’s a no brainer, they are awesome and they will be there as you grow.”

Michael Ross, CEO of Lattice Wealth Management

”Sometimes difficult -really difficult-questions are asked of us, and we have to think to answer. Momentum uses creative solutions and innovative approaches to ensure we capitalize and grow.”

“I’m not sure if we actually ever knew our real cash flow before partnering with Momentum. Now I can trust our numbers and that is a significant relief for us.

Jaco Grobbelaar, CMO / Co-Owner of BroadVision Marketing

“Simply couldn’t be happier and highly recommend you talk to them. Capabilities of the firm meet all of their expectations and couldn’t get a better high level of service and great value.”

Steve Holt, Partner, Bonnie’s Jams

“I will continue utilizing Momentum’s services and plan to stay with them indefinitely. They have given me back time in my days while beautifully closing my books monthly, handling invoicing, cleaning my historical records, and managing payroll – along with several other services! I truly recommend Momentum.”

Becky Barton, CEO / Founder, People415

”Your search is over, hire them and save yourself time!”

Mitch Auran, Partner, Strategyn

“Before Momentum, I didn’t have the confidence or trust in what we were doing. Within moments of hiring them, I knew it was the right thing to do. They handle business smoothly and fix any previous issues, without judgement. I now have the support of an entire team financially mentoring me, handling my bookkeeping, and allowing me to focus where my time is needed.”

Hank Holiday,

“Momentum transitioned my engineering firm into a business that runs efficiently and successfully. They do their job, and do it well, giving me the chance to do mine well – without ever thinking about my accounting. Their attention to detail, ability to listen, excellence service, continual pursuit of progress, and open communication equate to their unwavering value.”

Ryan Blair, CEO, NuWave Energy Solutions

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Onward and upward.

We deliver more than numbers.

We help you do more of the things that move you forward and less of the things that hold you back, helping you stay focused on what matters most – being in control of your growing business.

If you need more (beyond just bookkeeping), then it’s a no brainer, they are awesome and they will be there as you grow.”

– Michael Ross, CEO of Lattice Wealth Management

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