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People Advisory

Whether your business is small or large, managing people is a requirement. At Momentum, we offer a People Advisory Service in which we provide the tools to streamline your employer responsibilities.

CFO Advisory

Focus on the relationships. Let us focus on the rest.

We know you love your business; your employees should too. By investing in our People Advisory Service, Momentum handles everything from employee onboarding/offloading and new employee state registrations to benefits administration, expense reimbursement processing and workers comp audits. Your year-end payroll reporting is also taken care of, and we manage and process your recurring payroll, too. Basically, we handle the busy-work of your business.

When you partner with us, you’ll receive the full ‘people package.’ It starts with comprehensive payroll processing but it includes taking the pressure off of you so you can keep your focus where it needs to be.

Fast, friendly employee onboarding / Online checklists and software setup in one click

Paperless paydays / Employees get direct access to their paycheck with the Gusto debit card

Rainy-day savings, automatically / Employees can set up their paycheck to automatically put aside savings

We handle commission and bonus calculations, employee expense reimbursements, and deductions/withholdings

We ask and answer the hard questions to provide data-driven information to create a staffing plan for your business plan:

  • – Align staffing and business goals
    • What’s the right number of employees or contractors?
    • What’s the smart amount to spend on benefits?
  • – Quantify team impact
    • What’s the right ratio of revenue/expense per employee?
    • How do you reduce expenses by department?
  • – Improve retention and morale
    • Which teams have high retention risk?
    • How do you reduce employee turnover?
Momentum begins here.

Stop juggling. Start focusing.

If you need more (beyond just bookkeeping), then it’s a no brainer, they are awesome and they will be there as you grow.”

– Michael Ross, CEO of Lattice Wealth Management

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