We deliver confidence.

Tax Documentation Support

Year-end taxes don’t have to be painful. The dread of filing can act as a burden that not only weighs you down, but drains your energy and passion towards your business. This should not be your normal.

Strategic Advisory & Insights

Let us lift this weight from you.

Our team personalizes your reports and prepares documents for you to hand over to your tax accountant, making your filing experience as smooth and easy as possible. We also work with you in handling state and local registrations and filings, and we handle your 1099 filings. At Momentum, we pride ourselves in our knowledge and understanding of finances. You can count on us to keep your numbers accurate and your business compliant.

Take a deep breath and exhale. We’ve got you.

Information you can trust.

We’ll take care of you and your numbers.

If you need more (beyond just bookkeeping), then it’s a no brainer, they are awesome and they will be there as you grow.”

– Michael Ross, CEO of Lattice Wealth Management

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