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      Momentum Outsourced Accounting keeps your cash flowing.

      Invoicing is the single most important accounting activity. It’s where all your revenue comes from. Keeping up with accounts receivable – invoicing and collecting — is critical to ensuring steady cash flow. 

      Yet, when we talk to business owners, they tell us that invoicing and collecting is a major source of frustration.

      Does this sound familiar?

      You are the business owner, and you are doing all of the invoicing and collections. You are so busy that you frequently send out invoices late or forget to follow up with past-due accounts. You would like to delegate invoicing but aren’t sure how or who to delegate it to. 

      When it comes to knowing who owes you money, there is no one source of truth. For example, you may be using one system for invoicing and collecting payments, and a different system for entering your bank data and reporting. 

      If you’re reconciling once a month, you may be missing important information. Your AR aging may not match in each system and that can lead to lost revenue. Even worse, you may sometimes follow up with clients asking about an aging invoice, only to find out they’ve already paid

      If you have a person responsible for AR, when you need to know something, you have to contact that person and have them get the information you need. It’s a process. It takes time. It’s distracting. Frankly, it can be a pain in the ass just to find out if a client has paid their bill or not before you get on a call with them.

      It matters, because every day you need to make decisions and almost every one of them has a financial impact. 

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      Momentum turns your AR into an engine for growth.

      We make all that frustration go away. In its place, we provide a fully integrated and synched AR software system that automates all those annoying invoicing and collecting tasks, and gives you an at-a-glance snapshot of your current AR status. 

      Invoices are automatically generated and sent electronically. No more mailing and waiting and hoping that someday a check will arrive. We use ACH payment processing software to accelerate payments and eliminate card fees (depending on your specific business, we choose between Stripe, GoCardless, or Ignition). 

      It works for all types of businesses and all types of business models – subscription businesses (SaaS, media, et al), professional services with monthly retainers and businesses that sub-out project work done by hourly contractors.

      Did you know that the average business waits anywhere from 34 to 52 days to get paid?

      We can cut that down to 7 days!

      With Momentum on your team, better cash flow begins right at the point of client on-boarding. 

      The workflow is simple. Your client signs the contract electronically, then they are taken to a URL where they sign an ACH authorization. (This is becoming standard practice in the SaaS and media subscription world).

      Then the first invoice is created right away in Xero (our personal favorite) or QBO. Then on the first of each month, we set your accounting software to auto generate each invoice, which in turn triggers the payment processor to pull payment.  

      Most processors take up to seven days for the cash to clear. But just imagine…on the 7th of each month, all your revenue is in your bank account, you have no receivables, and you don’t even have to pay your first payroll until the 15th. 

      Even if you are billing based on time and materials you can still auto-charge the customer for the hourly invoices. Best practice for this is to send out the invoice and notify the client that it will be automatically charged in one week so they can discuss any issues with the invoice before the charge occurs. 

      You can include any combination of billing options in your proposal – from recurring payments to one-off fees and deposits. Whatever billing arrangement you decide on, you’re able to let clients opt-in to automatic payment collection, or allow them to authorize payments one by one.

      The key here is to get your client’s authorization to auto-charge them right when they onboard. Once you have their permission, you are in control of your cash flow. You’ll be getting paid in seven days instead of a month or more, without any credit card fees. Now you can run your business on customer revenue instead of cash reserves and lines of credit.

      When payments come in, we close the invoice, reconcile with bank records weekly, and give you complete peace of mind that AR is not just under control, but providing a competitive advantage…more dynamic cash flow!

      What will you do with all that extra time?

      Now think of the advantages of having AR off your plate and into highly capable hands of your Momentum Accounting team. You don’t spend any time doing invoicing, following up on invoices, or watching your receivables slowly age.

      That frees up your time and your mind to focus on more important things.

      We enable you to make more informed, strategic cash decisions.

      With your cash flow now front loaded each month you get to run your business on your customer revenue instead of using cash reserves or lines of credit to meet mid-month payroll, or pay contractors. It’s really a game changer. 

      Want to turn AR into a competitive advantage? Schedule a no-obligation discovery call now.

      How we saved our client $228k per year.

      Here’s what can happen when you flip the script on cash flow.

      Our client had let their AR get out of hand. They had to hire a full-time AR person and a part-time CFO to help manage cash.

      Even though they have substantial recurring revenue ($10M annually), they mostly accepted checks. They rarely accepted credit cards because they didn’t want to pay fees, which is understandable since 3% on $10M is $300k in fees per yr. Their average AR balance was around $800k, and they had a large line of credit balance to float the cash tied up in AR. They were using QuickBooks Desktop, so there was no transparency. 

      Over the period of a year, we converted their accounting system to Xero and worked with their sales team to get their customers to agree to have their payments pulled using an ACH payment processor software.

      Now invoices are automatically generated in Xero each week, then funds are pulled from customers’ bank accounts and are deposited into our client’s bank account 7 days later. Then the invoice is closed out by the accounting system and reconciled against the bank transaction.


      • AR/collection position eliminated: $65,000
      • CFO reduced 12 hrs p/m managing cash: $40,000
      • LOC paid off, annual interest: $48,000
      • Credit card fees eliminated: $75,000
      •  ACH fees added: ($6,000)

      Owner getting paid first and not having to stress if they will make payroll each week: PRICELESS!

      If you’re a business owner and want to turn your invoicing and collections into a competitive advantage, let’s talk.


      Every business needs a CFO

      Build your business with better numbers.

      If you need more (beyond just bookkeeping), then it’s a no brainer, they are awesome and they will be there as you grow.”

      – Michael Ross, CEO of Lattice Wealth Management

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