Nikole Mackenzie, CPA

CFO & Founder

After working at a regional accounting firm for several years, Nikole became frustrated with the structure of traditional CPA firms. She felt there was so much more accountants could do to help people throughout the year, rather than just once per year at tax time. She also recognized that many of her clients’ accounting departments were run very inefficiently— using outdated technology, with people often performing the wrong tasks for their skill-set.

In 2016, Nikole founded Momentum Accounting with the goal of providing an alternative way for people to handle their bookkeeping, back-office tasks and financial reporting. Nikole uses a systematized approach, combining the right people, process and technology to build custom accounting systems for her clients.

After transforming the underlying processes, Nikole and her team are able to regularly deliver timely, accurate financial data to clients so they can make informed decisions about their business based on facts and numbers rather than guesses and out of date information.

When she isn’t busy helping her clients, Nikole enjoys playing Australian Rules Football, attending live music events and spending time outdoors. The name “Momentum” was inspired by Nikole’s love for playing team sports and competing.

Nikole lives in California.

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