Michael Mackenzie, PhD

Michael builds visual dashboards using BI (business intelligence) software to help our clients monitor and visualize important business metrics such as: customer retention rate, customer location concentration, gross margin %, utilization rate of employees, overhead expenses and profitability.
Michael also works on special projects that require manipulating large amounts of data. Where most businesses would have to spend hours sorting through data, (think –anything done manually in excel spreadsheets) Michael can use his coding skills (Python/Pandas, SAS, SQL, R) to automate time-intensive, manual tasks.
Prior to joining Momentum, Michael was a Senior Consultant at Traveler’s Insurance. With Michael’s experience, we are able to bring insights typically reserved for large enterprises to small businesses for an affordable cost.
Michael has a Ph.D in Mathematics from the University of Connecticut. He also moonlights as a college math professor.
Michael lives in Oregon.

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