Allan Flores


After graduating from UC Berkeley, Allan began his career by helping to grow a family-owned trucking and freight company. The experience of starting a new business from scratch planted a seed in Allan that would shape his career.

Allan went on to spend 10 years at one of the most successful advertising agencies on the west coast. As his role grew to Director of Finance, he helped to navigate both a period of incredible growth and a period of shrinkage that has given him valuable insight into managing the cyclical nature of business both from the technical accounting and the operational side.

In his debut role as Chief Financial Officer, Allan applied the systems and controls he learned at a public company to a private architecture and design firm. He helped to achieve increasing headcount, revenue, and operating profit every year.

At Momentum, Allan combines his extensive experience managing growing and changing companies with our tech-enabled accounting systems to consistently deliver hard-hitting and valuable advice that helps companies achieve their financial goals.

In his free time, Allan enjoys spending time with his family and coaching his rec soccer team.

Allan lives in California.

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