Nikole has seen small business accounting from every perspective as a recovered tax and audit CPA who now runs her own scaling accounting firm. With her easy-going approach and contagious enthusiasm, she’s led hundreds of owners to revitalize their paper-based accounting departments or build new systems from the ground up. Nikole has high standards and competes to be a top performer – envisioning big things for her clients and her own business.

  • Location: CA
  • 1 Podcast Co-Host: Sons of CPAs
  • 5 Australian Rules Football National Championships as a member of the SF Iron Maidens

“I’ve always loved working with small businesses, and now technology is allowing us to become embedded with them in a whole new way. We’re providing powerful financial insights that are influencing real growth. We’re riding all the highs and lows alongside our clients in a way accountants historically have never been able to do. How COOL is that!”

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